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We provide Electrical Earthing in dubai

Electrical grounding , transformer earthing & Earthing For DB services in dubai

We provide service of electrical earthing in UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm-Al-Quwain

We also provide  electrical earthing service in dubai

We do work very quickly and our company workers are very hard working and they have many years experience in dubai .

Our company rates is very low from the other services of electrical earthing rates in dubai.

We do our works with experience.in all dubai

Other  Services

core cutting and concrete cutting :

We cut the concrete cutting wall cutting and concrete slab cutting in dubai

concrete Beem cutting by using a concrete cutting and core cutting machine.in dubai

core cutting , slab cutting , beam holes , slab holes been cutting in cheap rates works in dubai.

Concrete Cutting With Coring Machine:

If a wall depth or thickness is larger than 15-400 cm then we use core cutting machine to cut the concrete wall or a concrete slab in dubai.

We use the 5-inch concrete coring cutter to cutting a walland beem or slab and We use 3 or 4 machines in this categories work for saving the time.

We do core cutting holes for AC Pipes, Water Pipes, WC Pipes and Fire brigade pipes.

Concrete Coring Holes:

The diameter of Coring Hole is given below in dubai.

Suppose a water pipe diameter is 3-inch then you need 4-inch core cutting in the slab and beem in dubai.

If your water pipe diameter is 2-inch then you need 3-inch coring hole. all dubai

WC pipe diameter is 5-inch then we do 6-inch coring hole in dubai.

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Contact Number : 0566374695

Do you have a electrical earthing job in mind? You can read about the different electrical earthing methods we offer on our services page, or call the electrical earthing experts on  all dubai   

Contact Number : 0566374695 

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